Here’s some great gift ideas for the horse enthusiast.

Two Cowgirls Creations

Dahlia and Tracie are creative designers of custom Tack and accessories for people who want to show off their horses or just spoil them rotten.

Check out their site on Etsy: Two Cowgirls Creations

Two Cowgirls Creations

Equine Depictions

Deb is a very talented artist and she can draw virtually any subject. She produces her art in several forms, including charcoal, color pencil and digital graphics among other media.

Deb loves horses and it shows in her artwork. She’s starting college this year to further her art studies and hopes to earn a little bit to help pay for her courses and supplies.

Here’s a small sample of Deb’s work.

Deb's Artwork "Arabian Grace"

Arabian Grace

Size is 17″ x 12″
Cost is $110

Deb's Artwork "Set"


Size is 11″ x 14″
Cost is $90